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Post by Boom Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:48 pm

• No advertising of any kind or quoting an advertisement. (Permanent ban)
• No scamming of any kind.
• No disrespecting staff.
• No creating threads in the wrong section.
• No racist comments.
• No impersonating staff and/or players.
• No multi-accounts. (Ban on all accounts)
• No faking any other players.
• No mentioning other servers.
• Bumping old threads that are more than 3 weeks old. If the bump is deemed to be valid no punishment will be issued.
• Creating useless threads that are not categorized into the correct section.

• Repeatedly spawn killing is forbidden
• Impersonating staff is forbidden and will be punish with a ban.
• Wasting admin's time will be punished with kick.
• Camping is forbidden and you will be punished with either a respawn or admin kill. If repeated over time you will get kicked.

Evading bans will be punished with Permanent ban.
Getting banned repeatedly will be punished with longer ban each time you get banned.
Permanent bans can only be enforced by the Management Team and will be imposed when required.
If you are banned, you won't be unbanned unless you make an unban request.
Hiding ban evaders will be punished with a ban.
Bans will never be cleared from your account.
Interfering with, lying to, and/or annoying admins while they do their job will not be tolerated.
Our ping limit is 1000.
Do not include swear / insults word in your name. This will be punished with a kick and you will be forced to change your name to play.

Insulting others player(s) will be punished with a warning. If attempting to insult again will be punished with mute, kick, or ban for 1 week.
Racism is forbidden and you will be punished with a warning and if doing it again you will be punished with a ban for 2 weeks.
Insulting family members will not be tolerated; you will be warned and if repeating then ban for 2 weeks.
Insulting the server will be punished with a ban of 2 weeks.
Insulting administrators will be punished with a kick and then a ban for 1 week.
Insulting in english / non english languages is forbidden. If we do not know what has been said we will ask a player who knows that language to translate. You will be punished with a warning and/or mute - kick.


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