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Rules to be Followed by Staff

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Rules to be Followed by Staff Empty Rules to be Followed by Staff

Post by OneManArmy Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:05 pm

Following are the rules to be followed by staff members:

1. You should not make extra posts which does not add anything to the topic created as it would create mess in the forum.

2. Anything you need to discuss regarding pursuance of your jobs and extra info for using the forum you should either use the chat box or PM to each other

3. Its understood rule that the person who ranks above you is having better experience, knowledge and understanding so whatever they say you must follow them and not to fight with each other.

4. Regarding Moderator applications staff is only allowed to post as +1 or -1 for application and no post other than that.

I hope you all follow the rules to keep the forum clean, understandable, effective, useful, operative and elegant.


The rules list will be updated with need to update.

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